COMPETENCE 1: Company Tour (including small talk)

16 Oct


Preparation Lessons: Wed 30th Oct  &  Wed 6th Nov

In these classes, I will give you a selection of meeting situations to choose from. These lessons will be “workshops” where I will help all pairs with ideas (if needed) and also help to improve your Company Tour for appropriate Business Language and correct English.
HAND-IN DEADLINE: Friday 8th November, 23:00 – Hand in video recording of Company Tour AND written transcription


Group of 2 people

Record a video of your group welcoming a visitor to your company and giving a tour (including small talk).

You are being assessed on…
1. Appropriate Business Language (pages 6 to 22 in your textbook and all class photocopies/activities)
2. Correct English (grammar and clear pronunciation)

Video Length: Minimum 4 minutes – Maximum 8 minutes

Together the group writes ONE complete transcription of what was said in your video.

You should NOT read from a script (guion) while you are doing the tour. If you read from a script you will NOT PASS the evaluation. You can use notes to help you remember what to say, but it is obvious when someone is reading from a script or when they are speaking naturally.



– DEADLINE: Friday 8th November, 23:00

It is possible to book a room to make your recording by speaking to the secretaries. Also, you can lend recording equipment from the secretaries’ office, but if you want, you can use a mobile phone if the sound quality is good enough (see below).

Advice/Suggestion  –  Before you record your video, first make a 30 second test video. Make sure that you can HEAR both people speaking. If you cannot hear someone, you will not be able to write the transcription properly. Also, I will not be able to make an evaluation for that person.

The visual quality does NOT have to be like Hollywood!!! The important thing is the sound! You can move the camera around if you need to, it does not have to stay in a fixed point.

Everyone in your group must speak and contribute to the recording. If only one person speaks, then only that person will receive an evaluation mark. Both partners should speak around 50% of the time.
The video must be uploaded to Youtube and you must email the link to me.
There are 3 “settings” on Youtube when you upload a video: Public / Private / Unlisted. Select “Unlisted” for your video. This means that nobody will be able to find your video to view it…. but after you send me the link, I will be able to see it to make the evaluation.
After I have confirmed your evaluation mark, you can delete the video from YouTube.
Send the link of your video to me at



– DEADLINE: Friday 8th November, 23:00

After you have recorded your video, your group must write a complete transcription of the meeting.

You must send the transcription to me in WORD, or GOOGLE DRIVE.

I suggest that you use Google Drive because it is excellent for sharing/collaborating (between the members of your group) AND when you are working on a document it automatically saves what you write, so you can NOT lose what you have written because you forgot to press ‘save’.

Here is an example of the format of the transcription. FOLLOW THIS FORMATTING STYLE WITH YOUR GROUP’S TRANSCRIPTION.

To be fair to all members of the group, I suggest that you share the writing of the transcription equally. For example, one person could transcribe 0:00 to 3:00, the other person writes out 3:00 to 6:00. I also recommend that both people read what the other person has written to help each other correct mistakes.



If you need help with any part of the evaluation, DO NOT WAIT – contact me before it is too late.



You need to arrange this yourselves. Then you must write a comment below BEFORE Wednesday 23rd Oct stating the full name of BOTH members of your group.


If someone in a team fails this activity, he/ she has a second opportunity to get a pass.
1) If there is more than one student in that situation, you can arrange a new team and give them a new situation to record a new company tour.

2) Another alternative could be to re-record the company tour again with their original partner (the one that passed), but the other student will not be assessed again.


Homework Wednesday 9th Oct

9 Oct

DEADLINE – Monday 14th October, 10 pm

Go to this SMALL TALK blog and answer Question 2 of the “Questions for Comments Section” on THAT blogpage (Do not write your answer here).

You only have to give ONE new Small Talk answer, so try to make it perfect! 🙂


Classwork (without Teacher) Wednesday 02 October

2 Oct

Exercise 1:

Textbooks page 9 – Practse Roleplay (in pairs)

Exercise 2:

In the comments section below (on this page) answer the following…

Write a “small talk” question that you could ask when you are visiting a company (in a foreign country) and talking to somebody new for the first time.

A question about…
1. the weather
2. sport
3. food
4. tourism
5. work hours & annual holidays


1.How was the weather in Zurich when you left?
It’s hot today, isn’t it?
2. Which is the most famous football team in this city?
Which team do you support?
3.What type of food is popular here in the Basque country?
Does the Basque country have the best food in the world?
4. Is there a good museum in the city I should visit?
Do many tourists come here?
5. What time do you start work?
How many days holiday do you have every year?

Excuse me, Bren… which Class Group am I in?

27 Sep

This is not your homework – Your homework is here – From Wednesday and also From Friday


Which class group am I in?

These groups are not fixed for the whole year. I have already made some changes after Friday’s class. Please, read below to find out which class group you are in.


1. Nacho
2. Ana Maria
3. Unai
4. Ibon
5. Julen
6. Kosma
7. Raquel
8. Irene
9. Elena
10. Eider
11. Elisabeth
12. Ainoa
13. Gorka
14. Saioa
15. Amaia
16. Ion imanol
17. Olatz
18. Maite
19. Jokin
20. Edgar
21. Ekhi
22. Nagore



1. Fernando
2. Tulsi
3. Janire
4. Aya
5. Jaime
6. Jon S
7. Inigo
8. Beñat U
9. Beñat I
10. Tomas
11. Paula
12. Asier
13. Aritz
14. Unai
15. Julen A
16. Juanjose
17. Eneko
18. Ainoha Z
19. Aya
20. Teresa
21. Joseba
22. Leire
23. Tamara
24. Alazne
If your name is not anywhere above, please email me –

Homework 3 ( from Friday 27th lesson)

27 Sep

THERE ARE 3 parts to this Homework



Read & try to learn as many phrases as possible from your textbook/photocopy on page 12 > (left hand side) Language checklist > Cultural Diversity & Socialising.
IF you did not pick up the photocopy of page 12 from class (I think that is EVERYONE!) then go to the Secretary’s office to collect it.




DEADLINE: Monday 30th September, 9pm

Click on this link and read the blog about cultural differences in the business world.

On that SGI page, after you have read the blog, go to the bottom of the page and answer ONE of the ‘Questions for Comments Section’ (minimum 30 words). Do NOT write your answer on this page.

With your comment, write your first name AND the first letter of your surname (e.g. Haritz G)

You must write an individual answer – not in groups.



Finish reading and answering Question 3 (a to f)

If you have a problem with anything, email me –


5 minute talk example: Cycling Questions

25 Sep

These are the listening questions to my example of the ‘5 minute talk’

Homework 2: American v English accent

25 Sep

DEADLINE – Monday 30th September 8pm


Here is the link…


1. Listen to the podcast

2. Answer ONE of the two “Questions for Comment Section” by writing in the comments section on that webpage   
WRITE your FIRST NAME and FIRST LETTER of your SURNAME e.g. Haritz G

Which accent is clearer for you: American or British? (Why?)
Would you like to live in San Diego? (Why?)


3. Write your comment before the DEADLINE – Monday 30th September 8pm

4. If you need help understanding the podcast, ask me on Friday after the lesson, or email me on