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HOMEWORK: Read Class Rules and Comment

16 Oct

HOMEWORK is at the bottom of the page. DEADLINE: Sunday 20th, 11pm.
Now there is no minimum attendance level (before it was 80% to pass the course), so if you choose to come to class, these are the 3 basic rules below. If you can not follow these rules, do not come to class.


Lessons are for practising and improving English. If you are not going to to speak English and you are going to speak Basque/Spanish do NOT come to class. It’s completely obvious, but also easy to forget, that you can only improve your English when you speak in English.

So, even when you check your answers with the person sitting next to you, speak English. You are a perfect Spanish speaker already. You do not need to practise Spanish/Basque. However, EVERYONE in the class needs to improve their English level… by practising.

When I am speaking, pay attention. Too much time is being wasted while I wait for people to stop talking. Mondragon is not a high school – it is a university! Some students definitely need to ‘cambiar el chip’.

Also, when someone is making a presentation, have some respect and listen to what they are saying. Do not talk to the person next to you or use your mobile phone. When you do the difficult task of standing in front of everybody, you will want people to pay attention to you.

Everyone needs to practise their English. You will not improve if you do not take part in class activities. If one day you are tired, bored or just don’t feel like doing English, do not come to class. Students need to be actively involved in the class to have a good atmosphere. I do not want to FORCE you to speak English. It is very difficult for the people who DO want to work to complete an activity if the other people in their group are not committed to the task.

If you want to sit at the back of the class and not participate, I would prefer it if you did not come to class. There is no minimum attendance to pass the course!
If you break the rules (above) you will be banned from coming to the following class.
Joseba Goikoetxea will be informed of this and it will also affect your final mark relating to ‘attitude / class participation’


The dates for evaluation of the 4 competencies will be shown in the GADE calendar. All details of assessment tasks will be clearly written in this Mondragon WordPress blog.

It is your responsibility to read these details (and for all homework tasks) if you do not come to class. You must complete each evaluation before or on the date of the deadline (regardless of whether you come to class or not). Assignments handed in after the deadline will not be marked.
The minimum language level required for the competencies is CEFR B1.

If you have a problem or you need help with improving your English, do not wait – contact me by email ( bbrennan@mondragon.edu  ) or come to see me in the staffroom. I am in the staffroom before and after your Wednesday lesson and on Fridays from 9am – 1pm
If I do not see you in class again, good luck with your GADE course.

HOMEWORK: DEADLINE – Sunday 20th, 11pm.

You must comment below. In your comment, please write (or copy/paste)….

I understand and agree with all the class rules above.
If you do not understand or agree with rules, come and speak to me!
Thank you,
Just to add to “Have Respect” above, Joseba Goikoetxea sent this email to everybody in GADE 1 this week…

Vuelvo, por segunda vez, y espero que por última a tratar el tema del alumnado RUIDOSO de GADE 1.

He vuelto a recibir quejas de gente. Gente que está disgustada, muy disgustada diría yo, de como estamos gestionando (este año y ya van unos cuantos en 1º) todo este tema.

Estamos en una universidad, no en un centro de bachiller, y debemos de evitar estas actitudes desde ya. No vale el cuento de “nos vamos a callar, porque la gente se está quejando”. Con esto, lo único que estamos haciendo es poner a cierta gente interesada en estudiar en el disparadero, presentarles como chivos expiatorios ante el resto, y lo que es peor, darles mayor poder a los que les interesa un comino la clase.

Mandamos a callar a la gente, porque a clase se va a adquirir competencias. La persona que no este interesada, que se quede en la calle o que se le mande, pero por que así debe ser, no porque haya gente quejándose.

Perdonarme si estoy siendo demasiado duro, pero duro me resulta tambien, después de todo el trabajo realizado en la captación del alumnado, que por cuestiones que podemos atajar desde ya, la gente (y muy interesada) se encuentre a disgusto desde el principio.

Espero que tomemos cartas en el asunto, y TODOS!!!!!!!!