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Evaluation 2: Group Presentation – Deadline 16.02.14

2 Dec


DEADLINE: Sunday 16th February at 11pm

Work handed in after the deadline will NOT be marked.

This deadline seems to be a long time in the future. Do not be fooled by the date. There are the Xmas holidays and also January exams beforehand. Additionally, this evaluation requires a lot of preparation work, so DO NOT wait until the last few days to try to complete it.

In groups of 4, you will make a recorded presentation about a country (the business related aspects) or a company. You also need to write a transcription of the recording.

You can choose the people that you work with. You must let me know in a comment below who are the members of your group. Do this by Wednesday, 4th Dec at 10pm.



Every member of your group needs to speak for around 3 minutes minimum. So, with a group of 4 people, that means that your presentation needs to be at least 12 mins long.

As with Evaluation 1, the video must be uploaded to YouTube and you have to send me the link BEFORE the deadline.

Make sure you do a small test video before you record your whole evaluation.

When you are speaking you MUST be viewable in the video. You are NOT ALLOWED to read from a script! If you read from a script you will NOT PASS the evaluation.



The transcription of what your group says must be handed in before the deadline. If you do not hand in the transcription, you will NOT pass.



Your theme can be either…

1. A company
2. A country (the business related aspects)



The objective of this evaluation is to try to copy the effective and entertaining presenting style of Steve Jobs, whilst also using the business English from your textbook pages 55 to 94. This must be done using your English language skills, which means that you CAN NOT READ FROM A SCRIPT….. OK, I think everyone understands this thing about the script now, right? 🙂



Write the names of the four members of your group in the comments section below. Please include name and surname.



In the class time before the deadline, we will have some workshops, where I will help you with your English, just as we did with the first evaluation.

‘HELP’ WORKSHOPS: Wednesday 5th Feb, Friday 7th, Wednesday 12th