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HOMEWORK: Describe a graph – Deadline Saturday 21st Dec

17 Dec

Hi GADE 1,

How can I describe a graph for IELTS and Business English?As you should know by now, you have to include at least 1 graph in your group video for Evaluation 2: Presentation about a company or country.

Here is your homework, which will help you get better at describing graphs.



DEADLINE SAT 21.12.13 at 11pm

1. Go to this blog post on my London school site.

2. Watch the video

3. Read the vocabulary for graphs (below the video)

4. Write your description (minimum 40 words) of the 5th graph (yes, that’s the last graph in the video) in the Google+ comments section at the bottom of THAT same page. (DO NOT WRITE YOUR COMMENT HERE)

NOTE: To write your G+ comment, all you have to do is sign into your mondragon.edu account first.
That is a gmail/google account and it will write your full name for you. All you have to do is WRITE YOUR COMMENT (min 40 words) describing the last graph in the video (Mp3 players sold v songs downloaded).