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HOMEWORK: Describe a graph – Deadline Saturday 21st Dec

17 Dec

Hi GADE 1,

How can I describe a graph for IELTS and Business English?As you should know by now, you have to include at least 1 graph in your group video for Evaluation 2: Presentation about a company or country.

Here is your homework, which will help you get better at describing graphs.



DEADLINE SAT 21.12.13 at 11pm

1. Go to this blog post on my London school site.

2. Watch the video

3. Read the vocabulary for graphs (below the video)

4. Write your description (minimum 40 words) of the 5th graph (yes, that’s the last graph in the video) in the Google+ comments section at the bottom of THAT same page. (DO NOT WRITE YOUR COMMENT HERE)

NOTE: To write your G+ comment, all you have to do is sign into your mondragon.edu account first.
That is a gmail/google account and it will write your full name for you. All you have to do is WRITE YOUR COMMENT (min 40 words) describing the last graph in the video (Mp3 players sold v songs downloaded).


HOMEWORK – Comment about Steve Jobs Presentation video

15 Nov

DEADLINE: Tuesday 19th November 11pm

Steve jobs Presentation skills videoGo to this blogpost about Steve Jobs’ presentation secrets.

Write a comment there in the Google+ section – NOT HERE!!!
To use the Google+ comment section, you must be signed in to your ______._______@alumni.mondragon.edu gmail account.

You can NOT comment here – you don’t even know what the question is, do you?

Go to the bottom of THAT blogpost (not THIS one) and you will see the question written in BLUE

Minimum word count – 40 words
Here is the link again…

COMPETENCE 2: class 1, homework & info

8 Nov

In this post…
1. Class video
2. Homework
3. Mini Presentations
4. Class Rules Reminder
5. Evaluation 1 Final Reminder



Summary of Steve Jobs’ presentation skills



Textbook: pg 56 – Read the article on good presentations



Now that we are back into normal lessons (not workshops), we will return to having mini 4-5min individual presentations. You must complete one of these before the end of the year if you want a good mark for your 10% for “attitude in class & towards learning”.
 The next people on the list are…


Also, because we have finished with the workshops now, the CLASS RULES are in effect.

I do not want to have to ban someone from lessons and report that to Joseba. But if your behaviour impedes my teaching or other people’s learning, I WILL throw you out!

So, if you choose to attend class, please follow the class rules at all times.



The deadline for Evaluation 1: The Company Tour is…

Monday 11th November, 11pm

All youtube video links and transcriptions MUST be sent to me BY EMAIL before that time.
Any work submitted after this extended deadline will NOT be marked!

HOMEWORK Summary – Wed 16th & Fri 18th

18 Oct



Read these class rules and comment with your agreement. Instructions are in the blogpost.
DEADLINE: Sunday night (20th Oct) at 11pm



Comment in this blog to tell me who is your group (2 people) for the Company Tour evaluation.
DEADLINE: Tuesday night (22nd Oct) at midnight


Learn the phrases in the Language Checklist on pg 21 of your textbook. You need to use them in your evaluation!

If you do not have a textbook yet, I left photocopies of pg 21 at the front of the classroom on Friday morning.

BTW (By the way = A proposito), today was the last day that I will give out photocopies. You need a textbook, or at least, photocopies of pages 9 – 22.


Homework Wednesday 9th Oct

9 Oct

DEADLINE – Monday 14th October, 10 pm

Go to this SMALL TALK blog and answer Question 2 of the “Questions for Comments Section” on THAT blogpage (Do not write your answer here).


You only have to give ONE new Small Talk answer, so try to make it perfect! ūüôā


Homework 2: American v English accent

25 Sep

DEADLINE – Monday 30th September 8pm


Here is the link…




1. Listen to the podcast

2. Answer ONE of the two “Questions for Comment Section” by writing in the comments section on that webpage ¬† 
WRITE your FIRST NAME and FIRST LETTER of your SURNAME e.g. Haritz G

Which accent is clearer for you: American or British? (Why?)
Would you like to live in San Diego? (Why?)


3. Write your comment before the DEADLINE РMonday 30th September 8pm

4. If you need help understanding the podcast, ask me on Friday after the lesson, or email me on  bbrennan@mondragon.edu